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Din Van Helden

#8: Din Van Helden: Organizational development and deep nature connection


In this episode I’m honored to be joined by Din Van Helden.

Din helps individuals, teams and organizations to grow in more vital ways through a focus on authentic connection to self, to others, and to the wider natural environment. Her work is rooted in organizational learning, nature-connection and the wellbeing of healthy systems. She has studied with the respected elder, John P. Milton, she leads Nature Quests, increasingly nested in organizational & leadership development.

She is also the founding steward of the foundation and movement ‘OD for life’ (Organizational Development for life), which supports practitioners working with regenerative leadership and organizational development.

Din is also part of the team of educators and facilitators in our 6 months educational programme in regenerative leadership, where she is supporting the participants in integrating the regenerative principals in practice.

You can learn more about Din and her work at: and

You can find the The Maniflexo for OD for Life, including the beautiful poem that she reads by clicking here.

For more information on Center for Regenerativ Ledelse (Center for Regenerative Leadership) go to:


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