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# 7 Andres Roberts: Creating a new story of human progress with nature as our guide

I’m very honored to be joined in this episode by Andres Roberts.

Andres is a guide to human progress in relationship with nature. He is the founding partner of the Bio-Leadership Project, a movement supporting regenerative leaders and projects across the world. His work combines innovative approaches to learning and change, wisdom from ancient cultures, and deep work with nature to support innovation that protects and cares for all of life. The deepest aspect of his work is the practice of guiding Nature Quests – deep processes supporting resilience, transformation and connection in navigating these urgent times.

You can learn more about Andres and the Bio-Leadership Project her:

If you feel called to join the 9-month Bio-Leadership Fellowship programme – a community of people from all over the globe connecting, sharing and supporting each other to change the story of human progress and creating a more regenerative world go to:


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